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Top Labs Get Lean

Below is a list of video extracts from our  2009 'Lean in the Lab - Top Labs Get Lean Event.' Tom Reynolds, Operations Practice Director, BSM speaks on a number of topics including:

  • The Guiding Principles of Lean (1:29)
  • The Truth about Lean (4:25)
  • What BSM often finds in Labs (7:05)
  • The Goals of Lean in the Lab (4:25)
  • Key lean lab concepts 1 – The effect of a Volatile Workload (2:03)
  • Key lean lab concepts 2 – Speed or Productivity (1:52)
  • Key lean lab concepts 3 – Levelling, Flow, Defined Sequences & Roles (Standard Work) (2:40)
  • Levelling the Load – Levelling Queue (leadtime available) (3:03)

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