Incorporating Lean Principles into Lab Design

The design, layout and placement of Laboratories have a significant impact on lab processes, behaviors and communications. A 'good' design will proactively support lean processes including flow, visual management, standard work and excellence in workplace organization whereas a 'bad' design may create waste and make flow more difficult. This applies to both 'green field' construction projects and renovation of existing laboratory spaces.

When developing and reviewing the design for a lab space BSM operates to the principles that the space should:

  • Support Levelling, Flow & Standard Work
  • Support effective use of people’s time
  • Minimize ‘transport’ and ‘motion’ wastes
  • Minimize space & equipment requirements • Maximize future configurability
  • Support effective inventory management
  • Foster lean behaviors & communication
  • Support excellence in workplace organization and cleanliness (6S)

BSM has experience working with different laboratory types including analytical chemistry, synthesis, biochemistry, microbiology and cell culture; and different industry sectors covering Pharmaceuticals (API, sterile products, solid dose, drug substance), Chemicals / Materials, Agri-science, Food & Beverage, Medical Device and Clinical / Diagnostic testing.